Elia-botanica Deep Renewal Transforming Moisturizer w/alpha hydroxy,


The Alpha Hydroxy’s that all docs insist on and are a 5 ingredient daily rule must have- do not confuse this new cream or any alpha hydroxy as a daily ingredient targeted just for problem, blemish skin as you’ll cheat yourself achieving amazing skin.......so imagine a daily creme like new Deep Transforming Moisturizer with alpha hydroxy + salicylic: with added oxygen boosters and amino acids to plump skin full of hydration, rid damaged enlarged pores, resurface and smooth to allow peptide ingredients to truly repair deep wrinkles.....

Alpha hydroxy's resurface severe pore, crusty and pitted skin. This treatment allows 20% Vitamin C, Retinols and Peptides deeper repair.  Rids dryness and flakiness.  Reduces red irritation.