Helena Armour
President and Founder 
 Tzone/T4 Skin Care

After years in medical spa counsulting, Helena Armour, founder of T4/Tzone Skin Care, felt a yearning to meet the need for a skin repair line that would offer the benefits of the high-priced products marketed through dermatologists and plastic surgeons in an efficient, cost-effective label.
The result is a mid-priced cosmeceutical skin repair line and crushed mineral makeup line that does not compromise on the integrity and quality of ingredients found in higher priced cosmeceutical lines.
In addition, Tzone/T4Skin Care provides clients its "signature service" of a lifetime monthly complimentary 30% glycolic acid face peels when a client maintains a home care program of at least 4 essential products purchased every three months.
Today, superficial chemical peels are the number two most requested non-invasive plastic surgery procedure in the United States. The average price for a chemical peel in a plastic surgeon's  office is $75 to $100.
Thank you for choosingTzone/T4 Skin Care.

Barbara Smith
Independent Tzone/T4 Skin Care Consultant