Helena Armour
President and Founder 
 Tzone/T4 Skin Care

After years in medical spa counsulting, Helena Armour, founder of MyTzone/T4/H Skin Care, felt a yearning to meet the need for a skin repair line that would offer the benefits of the high-priced products marketed through dermatologists and plastic surgeons in an efficient, cost-effective label.
The result is a mid-priced cosmeceutical skin repair line and crushed mineral makeup line that does not compromise on the integrity and quality of ingredients found in higher priced cosmeceutical lines.
In addition, Tzone/T4Skin Care provides clients its "signature service" of a lifetime monthly complimentary 30% glycolic acid face peels when a client maintains a home care program of at least 4 essential products purchased every three months.
Today, superficial chemical peels are the number two most requested non-invasive plastic surgery procedure in the United States. 
Thank you for choosingTzone/T4 Skin Care.


Barb’s Testimony: I am thankful for Tzone Skin care because at 70 years old, Tzone has allowed me to age gracefully! During mother|daughter get aways I’ve frequented Canyon Ranch Health Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts. It’s an awesome place. They have a full holistic medical staff and my doctor would take my picture every visit for his records. When my daughter and I returned in 2019, ten years after our last 2009 trip, I saw the same doctor again. He mentioned quite a few times how I looked the same as I did ten years prior.  I am sharing this story to relate how wonderful t4|h products are...

helping me and everyone look our best!

When I first met Helena 13 years ago, my goal was to have an internet business and I was looking for a special product to sell...since I was always more comfortable at a computer and behind the scenes I never thought I would be selling Tzone Skin Care in person...what I later realized is that I didn’t have to sell anything....I just shared my enthusiasm for the products and peels and people saw the difference in my skin and wanted to try it.

I have loved meeting so many people over these past 13 years and it has been my privilege to help my clients achieve such beautiful skin. Five years ago my husband retired and we started spending our winters in Naples, Florida. At first I was worried how I would service my clients so far away. It has worked out beautifully....my clients just text me what they need and I ship from Naples...all my clients are happy with this arrangement because they don’t want to miss a peel or their favorite products while I’m away! Thank You Tzone! 

Barbara Smith
Independent MyTzone/T4 Skin Care Consultant

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