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Stimulate + Restore
Bio-Placenta Growth Factor
1 oz.-$77.50

anti-wrinkle + new collagen + elastin stimulator

What It Is: Molecularly identical to human placenta growth factors, our epidermal growth factor protein peptide stimulates + accelerates new skin + slows down skin thinning + initiates new collagen + elastin. A true wrinkle fighter.

What It Does: An anti-wrinkle cell revitalizer, reducing inflammation + repairing damaged cells. The newest bio-placenta + growth factor peptides; promoting, supporting + prompting increased, noticeably firmer, smother skin regeneration + strength.

Why You Need It: This treatment reflects the newest peptide technology on the market, formulated with the newest peptides that repair + reduce wrinkle depth: sh-oligopeptide 1: epidermal growth factor (egf), sh-oligopeptide 2: epidermal growth factor (egf), sh-polypeptide: sh-polypeptide 9: sh polypeptide 11: epidermal growth factors: Epidermal growth factors: proteins that communicate to cells that new collagen needs to be made, accelerating collagen, elastin production + deterring body enzymes breaking down collagen, elastin, reducing inflammation, repairing damaged cells.